Anne Reijniers (Belgium, 1992) graduated in 2014 in the Master of Audio-Visual Arts from Luca school of Arts Brussels. Her fiction film Looking at Marie is been shown at EMAF (DE), OFFoff (BE) and Cinematek (BE) amongst other places.

In an extra master at KASK Ghent in 2014-2016 she focused on documentary. Starting from April 2015 she worked on the film Échangeur with Rob Jacobs (researcher at the University of Antwerp) in collaboration with art centre 'Het Bos' in Antwerp, BE and the art festival 'Kinact' in Kinshasa, DRC.

Rob Jacobs
 (Belgium, 1989) is a PhD candidate in Film studies and Visual Culture, connected to the Visual & Digital Cultures Research Center at the University of Antwerp, Belgium and the 'Uses of The Past Programme' at Aarhus University, Denmark. His work concentrates on contested official representations of Belgian colonialism and artistic/activist reinterpretations of the colonial past in public spaces in Belgium and DR Congo. He works on an action based research agenda that proposes alternatives to existing heritage practices to improve awareness of, and provoke conversations about, colonial heritage and the continuation of colonial structures in the present.


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Credits Échangeur

A film by: Anne Reijniers and Rob Jacobs

With: José Batekele, Jude Mansita, Klarchi Ngonde, Ange Katalea, Dieu Ndebo, Tiliton Kuzana, Docha Glody, Vialig ze Ngonde, Kimvuidi Lema Chef, Banzila Yemeyi Desire, Arqabound Kabunda Mbuyi Mick, Widjo Wiyombo, Erwan Soumhi

Research: Davy Verbecket, Rob Jacobs, José Maria Masanga, Nizar Saleh Hirji, Widjo Wiyombo, Anne Reijniers

Production: Rob Jacobs, Anne Reijniers, Thijs Paijmans, Koen Bleuzé, De Imagerie, Het Bos

Image: Anne Reijniers

Sound: Anne Reijniers and Erwan Soumhi

Editing: Anne Reijniers and Rob Jacobs

Sound editing: Aïda Merghoub

Sound mixing: Michel Coquette

Grading: Thijs Paijmans

Advice: Elias Grootaers, Martine Huvenne, Lotte de Bruyne, Hilde D'Haeyere

Translation: Veerle Duflou, José Maria Masanga, Nizar Saleh Hirji, Aïda Merghoub, Christopher Daley

Title design: Mario Debaene




Screening Format: DCP

Length: 30'

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Colour/B&W: Colour

Sound: 3.0

Language: French, Lingala

Subtitles: English & Dutch available

Year: 2016